Conference systems are highly sophisticated systems which are mostly used in meetings from national to international conferences. Nasco represents restmoment and RCF from Italy as their sole distributors for Pakistan region. Restmoment, is considered to be one of the giants in the field of conference systems, with its clientage only in pakistan exceeding over 300 satisfied  customers. Restmoment presence can be seen world wide with majority of international meetings being done through there delegate systems. The restmoment systems are preferred because of their high quality manufacturing and strict quality control structure with flexible warranty structures ranging from 3 years to 5 years. restmoment offers a complete range of In-house  latest digital conference microphone systems with  both wireless and wired technology. Some of the solutions from restmoment and RCF are as follows

  • Wired delegates system
  • Wireless delegates system
  • Camera tracking microphone system
  • Teleconferencing microphone system

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