IP based communication, has revolutionalized communication, further diminishing the gap in communication. Nasco along with ITC-Audio, feels pride, in introducing for the first time, network (TCP/IP) based audio communication/ sound systems in Pakistan. Already, installed at various prestigious locations, the TCP/IP network based system allows full duplex transmission system along with emergency broadcast systems. Data, travels on Ethernet networks, allowing more advanced and flexible  communication system for an organization.  The TCP/IP based sound system is a combination of hardware and software, allowing communication/ data to be transferred easily as per will and situation. The TCP/IP based audio system allows the following features which were not possible in an analog system.

  • Communication / announcements over LAN/ WAN networks.
  • Long distance data transmission
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Full duplex intercom system
  • Multi-channel communication/ intercommunication system
  • Priority of each IP node can adjusted.
  • Inter-work with third party systems
  • Communication via headphone sets is possible
ITC- Audio
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IP Based Public Addressing

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ITC-Audio T-6702 IP Network & Intercom Paging Microphones

ITC-Audio T-6702 is a full duplex, fully flexible microphone having ability to communicate two way, the microphone can be get connected any where at the LAN network , having an LCD screen for menu and other versatile selections. ITC-Audio T-6702, has several paging options, comprising of (i) Zone paging , (ii) group paging, (iii) all zone paging, (iv) two way intercom, (v) conference call.

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ITC-Audio T-6708
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ITC-Audio T-6708 IP Network Adapter

ITC-Audio T- 6708 IP network adapter, is a revolutionary wall mountable IP adapter which can convert analog based amplifiers into IP based amplifier. Apart from converting conventional amplifier into a LAN/ WAN based amplifier, it offers a lot of advantages over conventional systems, like offering superior distance audio transmission, multi-tasking programming and allowing transmission of data at selected nodes or broad cast the data at all nodes.

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