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IP PA system 78 Series

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ITC IP Speaker T-7807

The ITC IP speaker T-7807 is a all in one IP speaker. It comes with IP audio decoder module allowing transmission of audio signals ov IP network. The all in one speaker is beautifully designed and has stylish looks. The system also supports auto playing offline from the media library. With the 2 network interfaces on the T-7807 Ip speakers, the system supports extension mode via switcher and also gives redundant backup.

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ITC - IP Network Audio Terminal T-7801 IP Terminal

The IP network audio terminal has professional 1 channel network audio decoder with 19” rack moubtable design. The system can be installed in low voltage room which can be connected to two power amplifier and control the power supply of amplifiers.

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ITC - IP Network Paging Console T-7802

The ITC T-7802 is IP based microphone & intercom system beautifully designed, capacitive buttons and stylish appearance. The IP microphone has a 4.3” TFT LCD touch screen using GUI and cloud based server for luna.

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ITC - IP Network Paging Console T-7802U

The IP- microphone is based on Luna cloud server having complete safety and stability. Supporting uninterrupted work 7 x 24 hours. The system has terminal management system for checking tasks and work states. The IP-Microphone has unique options, allowing both handheld microphone and gooseneck microphone for usage in different scenarios.

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ITC - IP Network Audio Terminal T-7805

The system is professional IP audio amplifier/ decoder. The system can be installed at public address, class rooms or guestrooms or whereever designated announcements are required over IP. The terminal has high quality built-in 24 Bit sound card and streams audio up to 768Kbps. The IP terminal supports USB drives for playing audio files from the media library.

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ITC - Mini IP Network Audio Terminal T-7806

The T-7806 is IP based Public addressing & intercom system based on cloud based Luna server. The system is highly secured and industry standardized product. The terminal supports management support of the remote server and with the functionality of offline media playing.

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