Hanvon, is considered to be the leading manufacturers of wired and wireless tablets ideal for many presentation needs.The tablets are manufactured under highest quality and strict QC and are considered to be one of the top notch companies of the world.These tablets are extremely useful for presentation purposes. The tablets can assist us in controlling the entire computer with just a touch on the tablet. Hanvon tablets , provide great opportunities to presenters to enhance their presentations and add more life in it.


Hanvon tablets are ideal tools for teaching and presentations. Gone are the days where presenters were tied to the computer and were bound to present there lectures from one place. With Hanvon wireless tablets the presenter can move freely in the room and can even annotate, mark, draw, write on the lecture board freely. The useful tool allows collaboration as well,as multiple tablets can be connected with a single wireless receiver and students along with the presenter can collaborate with each other, engaging students in collaboration enhances learning ability of the students.

Connection Diagram

The wireless receiver gets connected with the computer and allows multiple tablets to pair with the single receiver. The wireless tablets work perfectly fine in a range of 15-20m 


Students can be engaged in the class room by giving them wireless tablets. Each student can collaborate with the presenter and can actively participate in the session to enhance his visua learning skills.



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